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Most frequent questions and answers

Your one-time payment of $9/month allows you access into the gated Writer Job Board of high-paying writer opportunities, your Writer Portfolio, foundational Writer Training, and much more…

Your Writer Portfolio includes basic information about you, your education and work history, and a beautiful grid view of all your article clips.

All ProWriters who pass the onboarding training are guaranteed access to the Writer Job Board full of high-paying Writer opportunities. The most qualified Writers for each job opportunity will be chosen. Make sure to complete your Writer Portfolio so ProWriter knows which job opportunities are right for you.

ProWriter’s Job Board provides a wide variety of writing job opportunities from all types of brands, publishers, and niches. Most of the writing jobs are blog content creation.

Yes, a ProWriter can cancel their membership with us at any time. Although, you will lose access to the gated Job Board and your ProWriter Portfolio.